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In order to continue to build on the rich tradition that exists at Maine South as well as cultivate energy, excitement, and championship level competitiveness within the community, we will follow a path that

starts with putting an emphasis on strengthening community relationships which will lead to championship level play within the boys basketball program.

Community – support fellow programs within our school, encourage multi-sport athletes, engage with sender schools in the Park Ridge area, partner with the youth programs, connect with the alumni, be of service to others in the community

Culture – our community approach will help shape our culture, community service acts, guest speakers, leadership programs

Character – through the development of our culture our character will begin to form

Competitiveness – when our players consistently display high character, make good decisions, possess strong belief in themselves, have unwavering investment and motivation for success, we will begin to consistently compete with all the top basketball programs in the area

Championships – when you combine all of these aspects of a program the end result is winning championships


I feel that the same roadmap can be applied in order to create high achieving, championship level student athletes in the classroom as well. Our relationships with teachers, support staff, fellow students, and other members of the community will lay the foundation for academic success in the classroom.

Community – respect and appreciate teachers, take on leadership positions within the school, seek out ways to help others in class and in the hallways

Culture – our community approach will help shape our class culture and approach to learning in positive ways

Character – when classroom community and positive culture is established, the greatest learning occurs and student athletes will begin to feel a sense of pride about their work, leading to consistent desirable learning character traits

Competitiveness – when student athletes display improved learning character traits, they will begin to push themselves and work or compete at a higher rate to achieve academic goals

Championships – when you combine all of these aspects in pursuit of academic success the outcome is championship level effort and championship level results in the classroom

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