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Guiding Principles

Do the right thing; ALL THE TIME; be accountable even when no one is watching. In other words, don't

do anything that is detrimental to yourself.

If it is detrimental to you, it will be detrimental to our program, school, and community. This leads to

individual and ultimately team responsibility. As a member of this program, your attitude, behavior, and

work ethic in the classroom, on the court, and in the community are a reflection of this TEAM.

Do this by “Controlling what you can control.” You always control these three things: Attitude, Effort,

and the Decisions you make. No matter what is going on that day, happened the day before, or what may

be on the horizon you have the ability and the control to decide how you will handle each situation.


You and you alone, are in control of these three things. Have the discipline and mental toughness to build

healthy habits by managing your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. You must also consider how each

decision you make will affect those around you.


Coaches, managers, and student-athletes involved in the basketball community will be held to the highest

of standards, setting the example for the Park Ridge community at large, especially youth who hope to be

a part of the program in the future.

Program Vision

To provide a positive, meaningful, and memorable experience filled with lessons ultimately equipping students with tools and strategies to successfully navigate life's journey.

Daily Mission

Understanding that each of us is capable of continual improvement, “this implies that we don’t have to be perfect”, we will consistently work to develop habits striving to become slightly better than the day before. This will be accomplished through the emphasis of our program values in everything that we do. Our daily mission will be to learn not just simply what our program values mean, but instead have them engrained so deeply that they become a way of life.

Core Values

Our core values lay our foundation. We will work passionately to instill the values below in every member of our program as we feel this will guide us to success both in the longevity of our lives as well as collectively as a basketball unit.

1. Appreciation – We see every opportunity as a gift.

Opposite: We take opportunities and experiences for granted and are entitled to be special.

(Appreciation vs. Entitlement)

2. Commitment – We consistently push ourselves to doing the very best we are capable of every day.

Opposite: We only display an effort on days that we feel good.

(Commitment vs. Interest)

3. Enthusiasm – We are passionate and excited about our process for success.

Opposite: We lack energy and joy surrounding what we have chosen to do.

(Enthusiastic vs. Lifeless)

4. Selflessness – We put team above self.

Opposite: We are in it by ourselves, for ourselves.

(Team vs. Self)

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